Rooftopmovienights | About Us
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The Concept

All over the world and now finally a rooftop Cinema in the Netherlands and of course in our lovely capital Amsterdam. We provide you with the best movies and breathtaking overview of Amsterdam in cooperation with our beautiful rooftop locations. Sit down and relax in our comfy chairs while enjoying some good food & drinks.

At our locations film lovers are able to eat fabulous food, enjoy cold drinks & awesome cocktails and watch their favorite movies on the big screen as the stars begin to sparkle & the moon begins to rise! Whether it’s a romantic comedy with your special one, a super action movie with you mates or a Disney classic with your kids… We provide you with the best rooftop movie experience in a beautiful setting.


Rooftop movie night screens from various locations in the Netherlands but is based on the Floor17 Rooftop terrace in Amsterdam. Please check our Tickets agenda for the locations and which movies we are screening there. All of our locations offer great food & beverage facilities, so make sure you come early to enjoy some good BBQ food & awesome cocktails.


Rooftop Movienights is a all weather event. Which means our event always goes through, if possible. In case of bad weather we provide a lot of essentials like a tent, ponchos and heaters.  But in case of heavy rain, we’ve to protect the expensive Seats by TERAPY and replace them with beach seats. Only when safety can’t be guaranteed, we’re cancelling the event.

For more information and questions:

Wanna know everything about the movie nights, ticket sale and more?


Where are the Rooftop Movie Nights?

It depends on which location the vent is held, right now its located at this Adress: Staalmeesterslaan 410, 1057 PH Amsterdam.

Where can i park?

There is paid parking near the Ramada Hotel.

What time does The Rooftop Movienights open?

Most movies start around 22.15. The doors open at 21:45. For current info you can check our Agenda.

Will there be an intermission?

Yes, there will be a short intermission to order some drinks, visit the toilet and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Can you bring your own food?

No, but you’ll be able to buy tasty snacks at our location.

What happens if it rains?

The Rooftop movie night is an all-weather event. If it’s going to rain we will make sure there is some shelter and we can provide you with Rain ponchos for a fair price. Even in the rain this is still an awesome event but make sure you always dress to the weather as it can become a little bit chilly later in the night. We also provide blankets & heaters in the colder evenings.

Tip: ask the bartender for a Jagermeister…


Where do I book tickets?

You can only buy tickets online through our website. For private events & groups please consult

We have limited capacity so buy your tickets in time.

What time does the movie start?

That depends per movie night. In our ‘AGENDA’ you can always find the actual times.

Are the locations open before & after the movie?

No, the location will be closed until 21:30.

Is there fixed seating or are we free to sit where ever we want?

Fixed seating:)

We have 3 types of seats:

Seats by Terapy

Loveseats by Terapy

Beachseats by Jack Honey

So just sit down, relax and enjoy the movie.

What is included in the ticket?

A ticket gives early entry to the venue.

Can I refund my ticket?

Why? This is awesome! If you have other plans of double tickets we unfortunately don’t give any refunds but we are more than willing to help you sell them.