Rooftopmovienights | Rooftop Movie Nights winning initiative Pop Up Zandvoort
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Rooftop Movie Nights winning initiative Pop Up Zandvoort

Rooftop Movie Nights is the winning initiative for the Pop Up Zandvoort weekend. Alderman Gerard Kuipers of Tourism and Economy presented the prizes at Beach Club Tien after the voting rounds were closed.


The English word says it all: ‘Rooftop’. The Amsterdam event company organizes film nights that take place in a relaxed atmosphere on top of tall buildings. The visitor can sit back and relax in comfortable chairs and, according to the company, enjoy good food and drinks. For the Pop Up Zandvoort weekend, they keep it close to the ground and on June 18th, they will screen a movie on the beach at Bad Zuid during the Hot Tub Movie Night At The Beach.


The initiative ‘Pimp Up The Boulevard’ by Patrick Berg, from The Mermaid, came in second place. Greeven Real Estate’s ‘Municipal House’ finished third after the vote count. The winner will receive €3000, the second-place will receive €2000, and the third-place will receive €1000 for the event.

Expert Jury

In addition, the expert jury has chosen the Summerslide as the most original and innovative idea, and it wins €500 to invest in the event. For the Pop Up Zandvoort weekend, there are over 20 other initiators with plans for the weekend of Friday, June 17th to Sunday, June 19th, 2016.



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