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  • CULTURE 1. Mag Het Licht Aan Festival Philosophize, think, talk, dream, dance, listen, and watch! The ideal place for idealists this weekend is the &#

  • The roof of the Floor 17 hotel was the backdrop for the start of the Rooftop Movie Nights yesterday. That means bean bags, heaters, drinks, and a good

  • Rooftop Movie Nights is the winning initiative for the Pop Up Zandvoort weekend. Alderman Gerard Kuipers of Tourism and Economy presented the prizes a


Rooftop Movie Nights screens from various locations in The Netherlands. Our mission is to broadcast your favorite movies at the most unique locations.

Some of our (previous) screening venues include Rooftop Floor 17 at the Leonardo Hotel, the ADAM Tower, the Beach at Zandvoort, Posthoornkerk, Vondelkerk, and many more.


Rooftopmovienights screens from various locations in Holland.

Our mission is to broadcast your favourite movie at the most unique locations.

To give you an idea previous locations were: Floor 17 Rooftop in the Leonardo Hotel, The ADAM Tower, At the beach at Zandvoort, The Posthoorn church, The Vondelchurch and many more.


Who do I contact in case of any questions?
What time does Rooftop Movie Nights open?

The Rooftop Movie Nights start at 21:30. However, there is a walk in period beginning at 20:30.

Will there be an intermission?

No, there will not be an intermission.

Can you bring your own food?

No, but you’ll be able to buy tasty snacks at our location.

What happens if it rains? (for outdoor events)

Rooftop Movie Nights is an all-weather event. Even in the rain this is still an awesome event – but make sure you always dress to the weather, as it can become a little bit chilly later in the night.


Tip: ask the bartender for a Jägermeister..

Where do I book tickets?

You can only buy tickets online through our website. For private events & groups please consult


We have limited capacity so buy your tickets in time.

What time does the movie start?
Are the locations open before & after the movie?

In addition to enjoying Rooftop Movie Nights at Hotel Arena, you can also have dinner at PARK, the restaurant located within the hotel. The Rooftop Movie Nights typically start at 21:30, but there is a walk-in period that begins at 20:30. This allows you to arrive early, grab a table at PARK, and enjoy a delicious dinner before the movie begins.

Is there fixed seating or are we free to sit wherever we want?

There is no fixed seating, only make sure you have a ticket.

Can I refund my ticket?

We dont provide vouchers. In case of a cancellation of an event we can provide a voucher to a date of your liking